We carry two basic breeds here at Ron’s Rabbits, the Californian / New Zealand and the Tennessee Redbacks / Missouri Cottontails.

The Californian / New Zealand are used primarily as meat rabbits or pet food. Rabbit meat is all white meat. It is often prescribed as a healthier source of protein due to it’s low cholesterol and high meat density. It is also touted for it’s low fat content. Domestic meat rabbits have a mild, slightly sweet flavor and can be substituted for chicken meat in any of your favorite recipes.

Rabbit meat is also available as a healthy alternative to highly processed pet food that your grocer sells. Rabbit meat ( often referred to as a RAW diet ) can be used daily or as an occasional treat for your pet. Either way they will benefit from better nutrition, a shinier coat and fewer food allergies.

Tennessee Redbacks / Missouri Cottontails are used for training pups and restocking hunting land. These rabbits look like wild rabbit and adapt to the wild well. The Tennessee Redback is an extremely hearty rabbit as well as a prolific breeder. It’s also an excellent runner with the Missouri Cottontail coming in a close second. We handle these rabbits as little as possible which keeps them “wilder” and ready to run.

Please note – We do not ship live rabbits. Local pick up at our farm or local delivery for a fee.

Bulk Pricing

$10 each – 1 – 49 rabbits

$9   each – 50 – 99 rabbits

$8 each – 100+

Payment options – Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, American Express & Discover Card